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Social Media Marketing

An effective way to promote your business or products is to advertising on social media. We can create a marketing strategy for you to grow your customer base.

Advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

Advertising your business is how you engage customers to your business and advertising through Facebook and Instagram can have dramatic results. The three key things to consider in being successful are: 1. Displaying engaging visuals eg: videos, pictures, text art. 2. Having effective content eg: offering something of value to your customers, this could be knowledge, a prize or something informative. 3. Being consistent with your posts, both content wise and how many times you post per week.


Achieving all three steps will ensure your pages will engage your customers, provide them value and overall increase in popularity.

Why Create a Social Media Strategy?

So you could easily post randomly when you have something you want to share or advertise. The difference with having a social media strategy in place, is you can set the goals you want to achieve then plan the activities and posts out in line with your goals.


It also allows you to schedule posts ahead of time and stay in front of the game, allowing you to feel confident that your heading in the right direction.


At the end of the day having a strategy in place will dramatically increase the overall communication of your brand, style and message.

Review Your Performance & Optimise.

So you’ve created a social media strategy and have been consistently posting for one month. It’s now time to review your success. Your advertising insights are the measure of how good or poor your posts performed. This will shape your future strategy as some posts would have performed better than others, which means you need to adjusts your strategy to effectively increase your performance over the next month.


In short understanding what works and what doesn’t work is important and you can only capture this by reviewing and accessing your previous campaigns or posts.