Modart Design

Creative Design

Creatively brainstorming ideas allows us to provide your business with refined quality logos, eye catching visual design and modern website layouts.

Graphic Design

The first thing your customers will see is your brand and marketing collateral, whether it’s print or online this is your opportunity to reflect the quality of your business & what you offer.


We can assist you with a wide variety of print and online design projects, ranging from logo design to promotional material with a focus on engaging your customers and directing them to your business. Whether it’s visiting your website and social media platforms, or calling to make a booking it’s about selling your services or products.


Throughout your business using clean, colourful and professional imagery can enhance your brand dramatically. Also keeping a consistent style of imagery is quite important as it can communicate your brand message effectively.


Directing your imagery to communicate the quality of your brand is important. Using Adobe Photoshop we make sure the quality of your images within each design project are consistent with your brand message and are visually engaging to your customers.


Creativity is the heart of our studio and illustration is something we’re quite passionate about. We use design principles and elements eg: shape, colour, form, texture, space, unity and balance to guide us to create effective and eye catching imagery for your project.


You may have a unique concept you need an artist to execute for a range of different projects. So from a mural to a book cover illustration we would love to discuss your project and brainstorm ideas of how we can effectively execute the concept.