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Branding Essential Guidelines, How to Ensure Consistency

Discover how following the below guidelines will ensure the consistency of your brand and increase your brands awareness…

If you’re finding it difficult to keep your business cards, letterhead, signage, website, social media pages all communicating the same brand you may find this blog useful. Also if you’re saying to yourself what does he mean by consistency? Then it may mean you could learn something from this blog.

To make it easy to read and digest this information I have made a checklist for you to use.


1. Do you have an existing logo?

Sometimes without an understanding of branding or a logo you can fall into the trap of simply using Microsoft Word, typing out your business name with a font you liked. Whilst you may be very happy with the result this can make your business look unprofessional in your customer’s eyes as well as your staff or other businesses.

One thing to really take into account is what do you want to communicate to your customers through your brand and logo.

There are many specific elements that make a professional, modern and effective brand. Keep reading to learn more.


2. Do you have particular brand colours?

Different colours can communicate specific messages. For example, using blue can often communicate professional or calm depending on the shade of blue. Using red can communicate aggression or sales. So it’s important for your brand to communicate what your overall business represents or the message you want to communicate.

What colours represent your business?


3. Do you have particular brand fonts?

Yes you could just pick a font and go with it, but ask yourself this. Does it communicate the same message for your business? Similar to choosing your brand colours, your chosen font can be just a crucial. Different fonts have different families that allow you to use them thin, bold or italic. Some fonts don’t have family options and this could be a problem for you to keep your brand consistent.

Also some fonts are not able to be use online, so it’s important to use a web friendly font to keep your font consistent from your business cards or brochures to your website.


4. Does your logo work when used on different print & digital touch points?

Ok, so you have a logo on a business card and now you’re creating a website and finding the logo doesn’t look right or you’ve started a business page using Facebook and your like ‘my logo looks too small and I can’t read it easily’. This could mean that your logo needs to be altered to suit the new platforms you are trying to use.

This can be a frustrating time for someone who can’t just easily fix it. I recommend going to a designer and asking them for a quote to either revamp your logo or to simply see if it could be slightly modified to suite the formats you need.


5. Does your brand need updating?

If you have read step 1,2,3 and 4, and your saying to yourself ‘I didn’t know that, maybe I should get a professional graphic designer involved’, it’s safe to say your brand needs some new love and attention.

From here I would work out what you most important brand touch points are for example, business card and website. Then get a quote from a professional to re-create your brand with your businesses vision in mind.

If you have any questions, please give Modart Design a call on 0416 704 376.

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